The pastoral work of the parish continues as it has from the beginning offering spiritual and material sustenance such as the Philoptohos Committee, composed of at present by :

Mrs. Eleni Christou
Mrs. Alexandra Katsilioris
Mrs. Vasiliki Katsoulas
Mrs. Jenny Panagopoulos
Mrs. Dimitra Chronis
Mrs. Maria Kalogerinis
Mrs. Antonia Dalas
Mrs. Effie Demourtzidis
Mrs. Eleni Demourtzidis
Mrs. Vasso Demourtzidis
Mrs. Zoe Lathouros

under the Presidency of Father Nicholas

We thank all other ladies that have served on the Philoptohos all these years – many have recently retired from the Philoptohos due to illness.

As time rolls by so things also change and roll by in this flowing fallen world. Many of the original ladies of the Philoptohos have passed on into eternity.

May the Lord God forgive them their voluntary and involuntary faults and grant them a place in his eternal Kingship.